Best Online Bingo and Online Slots Promotions this Week

Best Us Bingo salutes you all! Welcome back to our blog! This summer appears to be a great one, if we take into consideration the online bingo and online slots promotions available this week. The best promotions we found for you have one thing in common: the colors. The red, white and blue are the main features of the week, there’s no doubt about it. While garla bingo is not celebrating America’s classic colors, BingoHall is all for the stripes and stars in the Red, White and Boom online bingo tournament. The online slots promotions aren’t too bad themselves, with an American Classics tournament that is played on the best slot machines. Keep on reading to find out more information.

Garla bingo has nothing on these promotions

Red, White and Boom

A fresh online bingo tournament is available on BingoHall this week. We’re talking about the Red, White and Boom event! The promotion can be accessed from June 29th till July 5th and it gives you the possibility to win up to $10,000 in cash! No matter what garla bingo currently promotes, the Red, White and Boom tournament is, undeniable, the best online bingo event available at the moment. To participate, all you have to do is access BingoHall, play and collect as many Fireworks Patterns as you can. Here are more details about it:

How to Win

Keep an eye out for the Fireworks Pattern in all of the bingo rooms and win these incredible pots:

Supernova – $10,000 initial pot

Fusion – $7,000 initial pot

Afterhours Lounge – $5,000 initial pot

Dollar – $5,000 initial pot

Quarter – $3,500 initial pot

Desperate Housewives – $3,000 initial pot

Fair and Square – $3,500 initial pot

Crazy – $1,500 initial pot

Nickels – $1,000 initial pot

The top 4 collectors of the fireworks pattern will share a stunning:

$4,444 BONUS

The best online bingo tournament available this week, indeed! You won’t find anything like this on garla bingo. Enjoy!

American Classics

The best paying slot machines can be found this week in the American Classics online slots tournament. To participate in this event, access the Vics bingo website from June 29th till July 5th and play the Douguie’s Delights slots game. For every $1 you spend you will earn 1 tournament point. The player that collects the most points will win the $2,500 cash prize!

What you can win


1st place $2,500 CASH

2nd place $1,000 CASH

3rd place $500 CASH

To access the prizes awarded by the best paying slot machines a minimum deposit of $100 made during the tournament timeframe is required. The winners will be announced on Monday, July 6th. Good luck!

Wrapping things up

These are the best online bingo and online slots recommendations we have for you this week. The Red, White and Boom tournament can be accessed on BingoHall and is better than everything that garla bingo organizes at the moment. The online slots players will surely enjoy playing on the best paying slot machines if they go to Vics bingo. Whatever you decide to play, have fun!

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