Are online slots like real slots?

Many people who are used to playing traditional slots are very skeptical about venturing into the world of online gaming, especially when it comes to online slots. We found that there are 3 main questions asked by people who are interested in online slots:

1)      “Are online slots anything like the slots in a land based casino”?

2)      “Will I have the same experience with online slots that I do with traditional slots”?

3)      “Can these online sites be trusted to provide fair and secure games”?

We will take a journey through the world of slots and find out why so many people are leaving land based casinos and choosing to play online. Let us help you determine if online slots will provide you with the experience you want and the security you deserve.

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Are they really so different?


The days of gear based slot machines have come and gone. In today’s gaming industry computers have become a vital part of almost all games. Whether you are playing a slot game in a land based casino or an online slots game, the games are run on a computer system.  So what is the difference between online and land based slot games? In reality not much! The only real difference is the physical casino that you can walk into. The slot games themselves are almost completely identical when it comes to how they operate and play. There is one very important exception; a land based casino has a lot of expenses that they must cover in order to keep operating.


The Experience

It doesn’t matter if you are playing a physical slot game or online slots; players want to have a remarkable experience.  Online casino and bingo sites have been at the forefront of making the experience of online slots better than it has ever been.  With the advancement of technology, when you play online slots you feel as though you just stepped in the casino. While you won’t get the second hand smoke blown in your face or the pure oxygen pumped into the room to keep you awake, the reels will spin, the lights will light up and the sounds will come alive. You will still have the experience and excitement of playing slots in a casino from the comfort of your own home!

Trust issues!

Many people worry about the fairness and security of online slots, and allow that fear to keep them away from an amazing experience. The truth is that online casino and bingo websites are regulated just like land based casinos and must adhere to strict regulations. Playing online slots can be a little intimidating when you are putting your hard earned money and trust into a website. When you are ready to begin playing online slots make sure that you find a well-respected bingo or casino site that has a history of online gaming.  They have spent years perfecting the most secure sites available and offer a safe and relaxing online gaming environment.

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