Are online Bingo games fair?

“Fair” has become such a rare commodity these days! We wanted to find out if the online bingo games we love could actually be fair. In a time where most of us feel as though we are not treated fairly, why would online bingo games be any different?  Maybe the bingo games we love so much will provide us with a glimmer of hope that all is not lost, and some things in life are fair. Or maybe it will crush our dreams and provide us with an ugly truth. In our salute to all things being fair we are going to take a good hard look at online bingo games and reveal the answer!

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The magic in the the numbers

The mystery of the numbers

At least one time during an online bingo game you have asked the same question we have all asked ourselves,” where do they get the numbers”?  You will be happy to know that there is no one sitting on a couch at home deciding your fate in the game!  Bingo sites use what is known as a random number generator or” RNG” to pick the numbers that will come up when you are playing online bingo games.  This system ensures that the numbers are completely random and the game cannot be rigged.  To make sure that the bingo sites have no way of tampering with the “RNG”, the system is produced by an entirely different company and is strictly regulated.

Bingo Credentials

Things are looking good so far for online bingo games! To help ease your mind a little bit more, you will be pleased to hear that all bingo sites are required to have a gaming license.  These licenses are issued by regulatory authorities who make sure that the site obeys and follows the rules of online gaming. This is for your protection and to make sure that the online bingo games are fair. Any reputable bingo site will have all of the information about their license and the authorities who issued it on the bottom of their page. Before you begin playing online bingo games on a website make sure you take a few moments and find this information.


There is hope!

While not everything in life will always be fair, when it comes to online bingo games there is still hope. As we have found out, bingo sites make sure that everyone has the opportunity to play online bingo games that are fair for everyone. This news is a great sign that bingo has stayed true to its roots and has not been persuaded by the dark side! There are still some bad apples out there that will try to take advantage of people, however they are far and few between.  To ensure that you find reputable online bingo games, follow the advice we have laid out and do your research before choosing a bingo site. By doing this you are guaranteed to have a great and fair bingo experience!

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