After law-suit Zynga makes a comeback releasing Slingo – a game that combines slots and bingo

February 15th 2012 – Zynga has released a brand new online casino game this month with the launch of Zynga Slingo. The game Slingo is a combination between slots and bingo and is a popular game played in casinos as well as on the internet. The game is played with a bingo card, and instead of having numbers called off a player “spins” reels and calls off the numbers that appear on the slots machine.

Zynga is a San Francisco based company that offers social gaming services. They first appeared on our radar in 2011 when they were involved in a law-suit involving the game “Oregon Trail”.  The Learning Co., which is a subsidiary of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt sued Zynga claiming they were infringing on the trademark of the game that they had been selling for over 30 years.

We at Best Us Bingo are glad to see that Zynga has put the past behind them and are working towards progressive projects linking social media and online gaming. With the connectivity of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, we truly believe that the future of online gaming and online casinos lies within the online social landscape.


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