A Morning Madness for early bingo players

Wakey-wakey, bingo players, because it’s time for you to visit BingoHall! Their Morning Madness Tournament is the best reason for you to wake up early, play bingo for money, and win as much as you can! The only thing you have to do is be an early bird and play bingo from 5 AM until 7 AM EST. We’d say it’s worth it, as the prizes are awesome!

Have fun and play bingo for money

“Sunrise with a surprise” for all those who play bingo for money at BingoHall

“5” seems to be a lucky number in this Tournament. From 5 in the morning, once every 5 calls, from January 12th to January 18th, every early bingo player who decides to play bingo for money can win 5 special prizes and 5 guaranteed ones. As BingoHall says, it will surely be a “sunrise with a surprise”! So what do you have to do in order to win? Well, you have to play bingo in their Afterhours Lounge room from 5 AM till 7 AM EST. Thus, you will be enjoying 2 hours filled with special speed games that can bring you $100 guaranteed prizes and a special $1,000 prize on every 5th call. The winners will be awarded the following prizes:

                            $500 CASH                                           $500 BONUS                                           $50 BONUS                        

      for winning one special $1,000 prize     for winning 5 special $1,000 prizes       for winning 5 guaranteed $100 prizes

                     every day, 5 days in a row                     during the whole week                          during the whole week

So hurry up and play the games BingoHall offers you! One thing is for sure: these games are waiting for you and the wins are stacking up!

The perfect way to start your morning

Bingo Hall’s Morning Madness Tournament is the perfect way to start your morning. Every day will be a better one for sure, if you have some extra cash in your pocket.J Whether you win cash or bonus bucks, you can put them to good use & play bingo for money to win some more! What a nice way to spice up your mornings! Also, it doesn’t matter if you’ve come to BingoHall to play bingo free online. You just have to login, claim your $25 welcome bonus and win some cash. After that, you can use your winnings to buy bingo cards for the Afterhours Lounge.

In conclusion

Whether you visit BingoHall for the important winnings, or you’ve just gone there to play bingo free online, one thing is for sure: you’ve made the right choice. And the decision to play bingo for money in the Afterhours Lounge seems to be the perfect one. You can also have a wonderful time, set aside the important prizes you can win! While you win some cash, you can make friends and be entertained by cheeky bingo players. But make sure you stay alert and pay attention to what the CM advises you to do! Also, play the game responsibly and everything will be just fine!

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