A Merry Bingo Christmas – how to play bingo online after the holidays

“It’s a holly, jolly Christmas!” a famous carol once said. But what happens after the frenzy of the holidays has gone? Well, there’s no better thing to do than to play bingo online, of course! How shall you play it, though? That’s what we’ll explain to you. Stick around and make notes!

Play bingo online and wait for Santa

Play bingo online to relax

We suggest you do so because, let’s face it, holidays come with a lot of fuss and a lot of jobs to do. After things have settled down, it’s time for you to relax. And how else could you do that rather than playing some good ole online bingo games? After so many drinks and food, wouldn’t it be nice for you to take a break and relax a bit? Your bingo friends are waiting for you! The same funny and witty atmosphere will be there for you to enjoy. So, how should you play the games? Sit back, enable auto daub, and lower the music’s volume. Of course, relaxing isn’t the only reason you should play bingo online after the holidays. Many more are to follow.

Play bingo games online to win money

Holidays also come with a lot of expenses and they burn a whole in your pocket. Playing bingo games online is the uttermost relaxing and simple way of raising the money you have spent on gifts and all the rest. Depending on your budget, you can play bingo online in the more advanced rooms, where you can get 10 cards for 2.5$ (Fair and Square Room), or in the relaxing ones (Crazy Room with 0.10$ per buy). But, meanwhile, don’t forget about…

The 24-Day X-mas Giveaway promotion

Today’s the last day you can open the advent calendar’s last door and get our last prize for you. But, hold on a second! Did you know that, in order to make this promotion as “Merry” as possible, the players who will login between December 25th and December 27th will receive a special Thank You Gift? So, we will be expecting you!

In conclusion

May you have a Merry, wonderful Christmas! No matter what you plan to do these holidays, one thing’s for sure: Santa’s coming tonight and you might as well play bingo online while you wait for him. Of course, this activity can be done after the holidays too. Either way, make sure you behave and play the game responsibly! Santa’s watching you!


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