A Bizi-B slots tournament

Hello! Best Us Bingo is happy to announce that this is a good week for those who love to play on the best online slots. In this article, we will be giving you some great tips on where to find the best paying slot machines this week. Keep on reading to find out all about it.

The best online slots and bingo promotions are recommended by Best Us Bingo

Reel Buzzy Tournament

The Reel Buzzy Tournament is the finest opportunity for those who want to celebrate the spring by playing on the best online slots available. We found this tournament to be far better than the others available on online slots websites. The Reel Buzzy Tournament can be accessed on BingoHall from April 20th through April 26th. To enter the competition, access the Bee Land video slots game and spin the reels. They are, indeed, some of the best paying slot machines available. The rules of the competition are simple: for every $1 you spend, you will receive 1 tournament point. Here is what you can win:

Sweeten The Pot!

Players are rewarded according to their VIP Level:

From Bingo Princess to Bingo Master

1st place: $2,500 CASH
2nd place: $1,000 CASH
3rd place: $700 CASH

From Bingo Bronze to Bingo Platinum

1st place: $500 CASH
2nd place: $500 bonus
3rd place: $350 bonus

From Bingo Rookie to Bingo Steel

1st place: $300 CASH
2nd place: $200 bonus
3rd place: $150 bonus


With prizes like the ones mentioned above, you’ll surely be playing on some of the best paying slot machines available. You also need to know that a minimum deposit of $100 during the tournament timeframe is required for participation. The winners of this competition will be announced on April 27th. The prizes will be awarded within 24 hours from the moment they are made public. Good luck if you decide to enter this competition!


Other places to find some of the best online slots

Another great place where you can practice your skills is Vics Bingo. This website also offers some of the best paying slot machines on the internet. The games we found on the site are some of the best we played this whole week. We suggest you check them out too! Other websites or tournaments didn’t caught our eye in terms of slots promotions.


A final note

Bets Us Bingo loves to give the best tips when it comes to online slots. This week we have provided two examples of websites that offer the best paying slot machines available at the moment. The best online slots aren’t hard to find, but we at Best Us Bingo love to find them for you. Enjoy your week and may you be successful at playing online slots! Best of luck from the team at Best Us Bingo!


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