5 ways to win more money playing online bingo

Interested to learn the ways you can win more money playing online bingo? A lot of players make some real simple mistakes, which if corrected show an increase in the amount of winnings they earn. If you’re looking for a way to start winning more money in your online bingo game, this is the article for you!

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Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive, but rather just some quick tips and tricks you can use to improve your game!

1. Read up on the details

In this digital age of videos, pop ups and flashing banner ads, it can be a bit tedious to read absolutely everything. Our first tip to improve your game is to read up on the rules and regulations. This can pertain to any aspect of the site.

What to read:

  • Competition rules
  • Deposit/withdrawal methods
  • Bonus rules

If you want to start playing in a new online bingo room make sure you understand the patterns, coverall prizes, and progressive jackpot associated with that room.

We’ve become raving fans of the Dollar Room at Bingo Hall. The room has a good mixture of players and prizes as well as a progressive jackpot that’s currently valued at $25,000 and counting!

2. Start playing in online bingo tournaments

It’s common for players to participate in the bingo rooms, and leave the game at that. We’ve noticed players tend to win more once they start to participate in the tournaments.

Online bingo tournaments have prizes that are truly worth playing for. Last month at Bingo Hall they gave away a Ford Fiesta sedan!     Play in tournaments and win prizes truly worth your time like cars, vacations and cash prizes!

3. Start to utilize deposit bonuses

Do you deposit money when you’re offered a deposit on your bonus? This is a way to play more bingo and win more money.

In other words, if you enjoy playing online bingo you will eventually deposit some cash. That being said, why not reap all of the benefits of depositing money and do it when you can receive bonus cash, too?

For first timers, Bingo Hall and Vics Bingo both give out a combined bonus of 1,100% on the first three deposits made. Bonuses this big let you play more games, buy more cards and give you higher chances to win!

So the next time you see that deposit promotion be sure you use it to the max!

4.  Buy more bingo cards

How many bingo cards do you usually play with? Mathematicians, statisticians and professional bingo players alike all know that by playing with more bingo cards you win more money. It’s a simple equation that boils down to this simple concept: the players whom hold the most cards in a game have the highest probability of winning.

Next time you’re playing, don’t’ hold back! Buy up as many bingo cards as you can afford.

5. Participate in chat rooms

Chat rooms are where you’ll find open discussions between the online bingo players on a site. The conversations are led by moderators or CM’s and they also host special games that take place only in the chat room. These unique games give players the opportunity to win more money and awesome bonuses.

Make sure that you are an active participant in the bingo rooms you play in. Get to know the community and have a blast playing!


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