5 tips to be a great cheeky bingo player

Everybody notices a cheeky bingo player when they see one. In fact, these cheeky people are always in the center of attention. It doesn’t matter if you have gone to a site just to play free bingo games for cash or even bingo for money, one fact is for sure: you are on that site for the amazing fun too! But can you have the same fun without cheeky bingo players? Well, it’s more likely that you can’t. If you, dear reader, feel like you can relate to this, and you would like to be in the center of attention too, then these 5 tips on how to be a great cheeky bingo player may come in handy! So…

Be cheeky and play free bingo games for cash

#1: Be polite when playing free bingo games for cash

One thing is for sure: a cheeky bingo player is a polite person. Always joyful and amusing, he/she knows when it’s the time to make fun and when it’s the time to stop. Never ever in the life of a cheeky bingo player has he/she offended somebody, but more likely made them feel amused and entertained. A true cheeky bingo player is always seen as bold and funny, yet respectful.

#2: Don’t make flat jokes

Being a cheeky bingo player means being funny and making jokes. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that every joke you make is amusing! Some may find your jokes flat or even offensive. So tip number two is: try not to make flat jokes, aka those jokes that only you find funny. How can you avoid them? Well, this is rather simple: you should NOT make fun of delicate matters or awkward situations. Remember, you’ve come here to have the time of your life and play free bingo games for cash (or bingo for money), and not to be offensive.

#3: Don’t use CAPS LOCK

The abusive use of caps lock is seen as offensive. Only the CMs can use CAPS as they please, in order to differentiate themselves from other players. You do want to find out which are the rules of the game when you play free bingo games for cash, don’t you? So let the CMs be the only ones that use CAPS.

#4 & #5: Make people laugh and entertain your fellow players!

This is what it’s all about! In Bingo Rooms, chatting is 50% about you having fun and the other 50% about the others having fun! And you, dear cheeky bingo players, are surely spicing things up! So have fun and the others will have fun too!

In conclusion

Although you’ve logged in on a site just to play its free bingo games for cash (or, why not, bingo for money), it won’t do any harm if you also tried to have fun and be cheeky. Because, just face it, being seen as a cheeky bingo player was something that you really wished for! And if you take our tips into consideration, every little thing’s gonna be okay!



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