5 Things You Need To Know About Online Keno

Online keno is a game that has been growing in popularity since its introduction in the early 2000’s. It quickly spread across the United States as well as other countries and is popular for its quick gameplay and the opportunity to win money.

We at Best Us Bingo love a good game of online keno. The game has a lot in common with bingo, and some added extras that make the game unique.

If you’re new to the gaming community and are thinking of playing online keno then make sure you read this article. We fill you in on the 5 things every player needs to know!

Keno originated from China

The game of keno isn’t really that new. It’s not as popular as bingo or online slots and the fine details of the game are relatively unknown.

rumors say the wall of china was built with keno money

According to legend the Great Wall of China was built with funds generated from Keno!


For instance, did you know that the origins of keno started in China?

The story goes that the Chinese invented a game that is very similar to Keno. The game had great success and there’s a rumor that it helped pay for the construction of the Great Wall!

The odds in Keno depend on how many numbers you choose

The odds of winning in online keno are dependent on a few different variables, one of them being how many numbers you choose to play with.

The payout in an online game is greater the more numbers you choose, but you have to pick them optimally because if you pick too many numbers your chances of winning can decrease. We recommend playing with 9.

The site you play keno on matters

Not all keno sites are created equally. Before you play, make sure to do some research about the online gaming site.

One of our favorite sites to play keno on is Bingo Hall. The sign up process is super easy and once you confirmed your details you get $25 to start playing with.

They have one of the best payout systems and security staffs online. Make sure to check them out today!

Online keno uses RNG Software

When playing keno in land based games the balls are usually generated using a blower just like in bingo.

The online games like those found at Vics Bingo  and use something called a RNG or Random Number Generator. RNG software is developed by software engineers and statistician to replicate the blower found in land-based bingo and keno games.

Find what works best for you

Our best tip for beginner and expert online keno players alike is to find what works best for you and to continue doing it. Even the best athletes in the world have superstitions that help them win, so why not have the same belief in online keno.

Find that combination that helps you secure the win and bring in the cash!

What tricks and tips do you have to win more in keno? Let us know in the comments section below.

Remember to always play responsibly!

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